The making of Desire in Deadwood:

When I flew out of LAX in Los Angeles on October 15th it was 93 degrees. I landed in Rapid City, South Dakota and found three feet of snow on the ground. After that shock subsided I settled in there for the next fifteen months. During that time I heard a lot about Deadwood, a small town just 42 miles away. Curiosity about the place where such characters as Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, Preacher Smith, Crooked Nose Jack McCall, Sheriff Bullock and Marshal Stapleton once lived drove me to visit. The moment I stepped inside the Number 10 Saloon, where Hickok was gunned down by McCall, my mind's eye wrote the first chapter of my book, Desire in Deadwood. Walking through Mount Moriah Cemetery placed me at the grave sites of Wild Bill and Jane, to whom I would strive to do justice in my story. Just south of town a trail took me to the dense maze of forest known as the Black Hills. I began weaving people and locales into a romantic thrill ride and before long, a serial killer emerged. But the term serial killer wasn't invented by the FBI until 1970. As an author I must be conscious of the appropriate words and phrases of the times, so I had to be extra  creative in describing this villain. A photo of real life Marshal Tom Smith gave me an idea of who my hero, Bolt Rivers would resemble. And I decided only a beautiful angel like Tansy Wiley with her blond halo could rescue him. It takes me a year to write a 100,000 word novel and during that time I keep photos of my hero and heroine propped against the bottom of my computer screen. I'll look at them and think, now what would she do about that and what would he say? I can tell you what my neighbor said after reading this book, "I don't know where you came up with all of that, but I'll never turn my back on you again."  



The making of Remember the Passion:

I heard of Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett as a kid. Now mind you, to that point I'd only read Winnie the Pooh and my mother's collection of Nancy Drew books. But as an adult, Bowie and Crockett crossed my mind again and wondered what exactly had happened at the Alamo. Could there be a romantic escapade there? Trouble was, I didn't know much about this Texas history so I visited the children's section of my local library, sat down and read a book about it. Wow, just wow. I knew I had a ticking-of-the-clock adventure as well as my historical research cut out for me. Remember the Passion would prove to be the toughest book I'd ever written. As I said to a reader once, I had to do extensive research for this book because everyone knows what happened at the Alamo. The reader said she didn't now a thing about the Alamo and my reply was, "Oh, but you could google it." So, if I say on February 25, 1836 the sun rose over the Alamo with summertime temperatures, but during the night a norther hit and Friday the 26th dawned near freezing you can bet your bottom dollar that is exactly the case. I began to see a frontiersman like Crockett, who was a cousin to Bowie as my hero. This hero's name is Blaze Bowie and he's dealing with death and bankruptcy in Louisiana. Fiery redhead, named Noelle Charbonnez, is living under her own dire circumstances which are about to get far worse at the Alamo. More research gave way to a secret known only to Jim Bowie and suddenly I had a plot for bringing Blaze to Texas and allowing Noelle to waltz her way into his arms and heart at an explosive time in history. In the summer of 2016, I visited the Alamo and it was a powerful and sentimental journey I'll always remember.



The making of Tame the Wild:

Let me just say this as I research and write this historical romance novel. I've traveled to fantastic San Francisco where a beautiful heroine named Frankie lives in the shadow of evil. I'm soon headed to Biloxi full of gators and bayous and a sexy riverboat gambler known as Luke Harper. 


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Lynn Eldridge is a romance writer of historical and contemporary fiction. Her books will grab you from page one and whisk you to the moment sparks fly between the hero and heroine. Like a siren calling you into the characters' flames of undeniable passion you'll sizzle.  Through intrigue that can destroy this man and woman's future together you will root for them to find a way. And should they conquer all odds, a forever after ending will leave you burning for Lynn's next thrill ride.

In 1876 Dakota Territory, Deadwood is the most devilish and delightful, wildest and wickedest town on the frontier.
— The mayor of Deadwood, 1876.

What We've Achieved


Desire in Deadwood is Lynn Eldridge's debut historical romance novel released by Sunstone Press in the summer of 2017.

Remember the Passion which takes place at the Alamo in 1836, was released in the summer of 2018.

Lynn is currently working on her third historical romance, Tame the Wild, to be released in the summer of 2019.

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